About Us

We are located in Sydney, Australia. Our earplugs are regarded as one of the most sound-blocking , comfortable, and affordable earplugs in the World. 
We serve our valued customers anywhere in Australia, and to most countries including China. We are committed to provide you with satisfied customer service during your shopping in our website.

Our powerful earplugs are made from natural materials:

  1. Beeswas,
  2. Lanolin, and
  3. Cotton fibers.

Our earplugs are reusable. You do not need to buy many of them. You can use one pair of earplugs for around 30 days. Our earplugs are very soft on your ears, so you will not feel pain at all, because it becomes softer due to your body temperature.

You can enjoy your time Sleeping , Studying , Working , and Traveling with peace and quietness, because you can carry our earplugs with you anywhere you want.

We are looking forward to serve you.

Happy shopping!

Our Team.

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