Student life needs a suitable atmosphere to concentrate and focus on studies to achieve success. Many students in schools or colleges have to share rooms with others. Because every student has his/her own schedule of managing their daily activities and have different times for sleeping and studying, some students have faced serious difficulties to adapt with their roommates. No​ise that your housemates make everyday could negatively affect your performance. You may find it hard to sleep at night because your roommate is snoring or watching a movie on their laptop with loud sound.

If you want to succeed in your studies and achieve your university degrees, you need to create a peaceful environment for study and block all the noise away, you can do that with our amazing EARPLUGS. Our earplugs are made from natural materials with high-noise blocking capability reach 34 dB (one of the highest in the World).

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Pocket Pack (口袋包)
We offer you genuine earplugs that made from: beeswax, lanolin, and cotton fibers.&nb..
Personal Pack (个人包)
Our earplugs are completely different than normal silicon or foam earplugs, our earplugs will&n..
Travel Pack (旅行包)
If  you travel often to visit a friend, or a family member, or on business trip, you ..

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