Study Hall

Are you a kind of student who uses Study Hall most often? Study Hall is common rooms for everyone to use. You need to make sure you will not get disturbed by people around you.

  • Our earplugs are easy to use.
  • Our earplugs become softer inside your ear as a response to your body temperature.
  • You can wear our earplugs for very long hours without feeling pain in your ears or ear canals.
  • Our earplugs are moldable and can fit into any ear of any size.
  • Unlike foam or silicon earplugs, our natural earplugs can be re-used for  more than 30 days
  • Our earplugs are economical, buy one pair and use it for long time. You will save money.

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Pocket Pack (口袋包)
We offer you genuine earplugs that made from: beeswax, lanolin, and cotton fibers.&nb..
Personal Pack (个人包)
Our earplugs are completely different than normal silicon or foam earplugs, our earplugs will&n..
Travel Pack (旅行包)
If  you travel often to visit a friend, or a family member, or on business trip, you ..

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