Many jobs have large number of employees sharing their workplaces. Some of them are talking on phone all day long as per their job duties, while some others require quiet environment to work and do analytical calculations, business model designing or any kind of work that require mental focus. Noisy offices affect many employees and cause their annual performance assessment to lower marks.

  • Do you share your office or with others at work? Do you feel less productive because of noise around you?
  • Do you work in company where you are seated in an open office with just partitions around?
  • Do you feel stressed in your job because you can’t focus?
  • Do you want to control noise in your work space?

If your answer is YES to any of the above questions, Then You Need Our powerful EARPLUGS

  1. Our earplugs come with high capability for noise-cancellation.
  2. Our earplugs react to your body temperature and then become softer while it is in your ears.


Order Today! and Save Your Job!

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Pocket Pack (口袋包)
We offer you genuine earplugs that made from: beeswax, lanolin, and cotton fibers.&nb..
Personal Pack (个人包)
Our earplugs are completely different than normal silicon or foam earplugs, our earplugs will&n..
Travel Pack (旅行包)
If  you travel often to visit a friend, or a family member, or on business trip, you ..

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