If you are a swimming fan and like to go to beach very often, then you need professional earplugs. Because our earplugs are made from Beeswax and Lanolin, these two constituents make them powerful resistant to water. 

  • Our earplugs are superior to 100% seal out water.
  • Our earplugs fit all sizes of ears. Our earplugs re-shape to your ears canal while you are inserting them.
  • Our earplugs secure your ears and protect them from water while swimming.
  • Our earplugs are perfect to use while bathing, showering, sea or pools swimming.
  • Our earplugs are reusable. You can use each pair more than 30 times. You don’t need to buy new one every time.


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Pocket Pack (口袋包)
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Personal Pack (个人包)
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Travel Pack (旅行包)
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