If you are using musical instruments very often, then you need to protect your ears from destructive high sound waves that might cause damage to your ears. Our special earplugs are very soft and effective to fit on your ears and protect them. You can adjust the earplugs in your ears so that you can listen clearly while protecting your ears all the time.

Because our earplugs are made from natural materials, they become softer as they stay longer inside your ears due to Body Temperature, which means you can wear them for the whole day without feeling pain in your ears, unlike silicon or foam earplugs.

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Pocket Pack (口袋包)
We offer you genuine earplugs that made from: beeswax, lanolin, and cotton fibers.&nb..
Personal Pack (个人包)
Our earplugs are completely different than normal silicon or foam earplugs, our earplugs will&n..
Travel Pack (旅行包)
If  you travel often to visit a friend, or a family member, or on business trip, you ..

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